Q: Who is this game for?


A: This game was built for kids between the ages of 8-12 to learn more about Asia either before or after they see one of the Asian Exhibits, or even if they're not able to make it to one of the exhibits.  

Q: Is it free? 

A: YES! This game was built as part of a grant from the Freeman Foundation Asian Exhibit Culture Series. There is no cost at all and there are no in-app purchases. Play as much as you'd like and share it!


Q: How do I play?

A:  This game can be played on any smart mobile device. Go to www.lxbgame.com to download the iOS or Android version or click the button to play via mobile web!


Q: I don't have a smart device, can I still play?

A: Absolutely! Go to www.lxbgame.com and click on "PLAY VIA MOBILE WEB" to open the game in your computer browser. The window will be smaller since it's optimized for mobile but the story and challenges will be every bit as good!