voyage to vietnam

The Tết Festival in Vietnam is the most important celebration of the year for Vietnamese families. It is the festival celebrating a new year – a time when families come together, often travelling back to their home towns, to eat special foods, play games, share their reflections on the past year and their wishes for the year to come. Special preparations are made for the home, respect is paid to elders and ancestors, debts are repaid, lucky money is given to children, and community celebrations are held featuring special Tết songs, parades, visits to the temple, games and contests.

Voyage to Vietnam has been designed to help children, both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese, and their parents engage with the traditions of Tết and learn more about Vietnam in general. The featured experiences in this exhibit are designed to capture the fun, exciting energy of the Tết celebration and iconographic Vietnamese cultural objects and environments. According to our advisors, the celebration of Tết happens in three stages: Preparation, Family Time, and Community Celebrations. The exhibition is loosely organized around these three stages and will encourage visitors to experience all of the components of a Tết celebration. Voyage to Vietnam was created by the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.


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